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Work With Us

Interested in Working with Us?

At The Story Isn’t Over, we pride ourselves on nurturing an inclusive, collaborative, and invigorating clinical community. As part of the team here you will be supported, guided, and inspired to aspire to clinical excellence. You will learn from some of the best and be inspired to be one of the best.

What We Offer New Therapists

  • Designated Clinical Supervisor: as a new therapist, you will be assigned a Clinical Supervisor who is your go to person. The cost of supervision is subsidized by the clinic, with a total cost of $130 inclusive of HST.
  • 1 Hour of Clinic-Wide Group Supervision a Week: you will be invited to join the clinic-wide group supervision at The Story Isn’t Over, and can discuss your clinical work with senior therapists in the clinic.
  • Access to Teaching Library: you will have access to a video library of teaching videos covering a range of topics, such as risk assessment and safety planning, assessment, and clinical note taking.
  • Teaching Seminars: you will be warmly welcomed at all our in-house training programs, such as our EFT for Couples Training Program that is running for 2 days this spring.
  • Options for Specialized Supervision: you will have the opportunity to work alongside and/or be assigned to clinicians with specialities in Art Psychotherapy, Music Psychotherapy, and Emotionally Focused Therapy.
  • An Exceptional Group of Peers who Care About Each other and are committed to Learning and Professional Growth: you will be part of our team of therapists here, they will encourage, teach, and guide you and inspire you to reach for the stars.

What We Offer Senior Therapists

Senior therapists are invited to avail themselves of any of the resources listed above. In addition, senior therapists at The Story Isn’t Over have the following opportunities:

  • Opportunities to Supervise: you will have the opportunity to supervise interns completing their Master of Counselling Psychology, and/or to supervise new graduates working in the clinic. Supervising clinicians are paid both a fee for supervising and a percentage of the income generated by their supervisees.
  • Opportunity to Teach: you will have the opportunity to branch out from individual and group psychotherapy to teaching and leading seminars in the clinic, opening the possibility of investing in your own professional career development.
  • Opportunity to Invest in Your Own Professional Development: Running a clinic is hard work, and it comes with a lot of financial overheads. Working as a contractor within a well-established clinic gives you the freedom to focus on your own professional development without the burden of running your own business. Our clinicians are well compensated and are unburdened by the responsibilities of running their own business, for many this represents a golden opportunity to learn and grow both professionally and personally.

What We Ask of You?

A Wholehearted Commitment to Our Company Values

The broad strokes of what we look for in all new hires can be encapsulated in our company values. Our values are the heart of what we believe about ourselves and how we live our lives both within the clinic and beyond. They speak to what we hold dear.

Our Company Values

Dedication is a commitment to our company, our company values, our team, and most importantly to our clients. As a team we are dedicated and committed to our clients, to serve our clients, to continue to work with them and for them, to believe in them, to fight for them, to never give up. We always believe that our clients are doing their best, and that our clients are always intentional and committed to being well.

Humility is an attitude. An attitude we demonstrate with one another and with our clients. We do not serve from above, as those who come from a place of privilege, perfection, and prior knowledge, but from within as fellow travelers on the journey of life. We approach our clients with respect for the courage shown by our clients, with compassion for the difficulties they have faced, and with great esteem for their perseverance and resiliency in the face of adversity.

Integrity is the quality of having strong ethical and moral principles and always following them. We choose to serve with integrity, to act with honesty, honor, and truthfulness. We will tell the truth, stand by what we have said, and continue to work toward the best outcomes possible for our clients.

Hope is an expectation of positive outcomes, a belief that despite the difficulties of our clients have and are still experiencing we can support, encourage, and work toward a better future for all.

Justice is an action, we work for justice, for our clients, for those who have experienced stigmatization due to mental illness, inequitable access to health care, inadequate mental health services, whether triggered by poverty, race, gender, or sexuality.

Excellence is the standard we esteem to. As a team we are always striving to be the very best, to commit ourselves to learning, understanding, and growing in our roles as therapists, and in our service as members of our communities. We will never be satisfied with mediocre, but will work hard to be excellent, highly skilled, and highly effective therapeutic practitioners.

And, Beyond Values?

We know how important it is to know what is expected of you, and what you can expect, when you start your new career in psychotherapy. For that reason, all hires are given a formal contract to sign when they join the clinic. This contract lays out what is involved in working with us, and what you can expect from us as a clinic. Please feel free to ask about this when you interview with us.

When Can I Apply?

If you would be interested in working with a great group of clinicians look no further.

Submit your resume and cover letter to: [email protected].

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