Training For Psychotherapy

Training For Psychotherapy

Training for Psychotherapy & Counselling Postgraduates

Towards Independent Practice will run a range of training programs for psychotherapists and counsellors in Ontario. As a therapist, it is essential you can demonstrate ongoing professional development. Not only are there specific professional requirements you must meet, but training is important so that you continue to provide the best quality of service for your clients.

We are currently creating a CRPO exam preparation training, which will be the first training workshop we offer.

CRPO Exam Prep Workshop

The CRPO Exam Prep Workshop will provide all the essential information you need to pass the CRPO exam. This exam is a critical requirement for becoming a registered psychotherapist in Ontario. The CRPO exam assesses your ability to practice as a psychotherapist with simulated scenarios based on real-world scenarios. It is your opportunity to be accessed on your level of information gathering and decision making in professional practice. This workshop will equip you with the tools you need to pass the exam successfully. Please see The Story Isn’t Over Shop for updates and availability.

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