Thank You Caledon

Thank You Caledon


In any job there are times when you just lean into the work, you do what you do, and don’t give much thought to who sees you working, or what they think of your work. The pandemic has been one of those times. We have been busy, very busy. There has seen a massive increase in the demand for counselling services. People in the Caledon community need help, and they are coming out in droves asking for it. We do therapy; all kinds of therapy, play therapy, art therapy, music therapy and, of course, talk therapy. We work with kids, couples, teens and families. And, as a team we have leaned in, and done what we do best, therapy during these long months of the pandemic.

At the beginning of the pandemic we made the decision to invest in high quality air filtration systems that filter the air of all airborne viruses. This allowed us to stay open when many other clinics closed their doors. And, you as a community have told us over and overy again, how grateful you are that we did that. Time and time again the phone rings, and it is someone in need, wanting to talk to a therapist, and wanting to see their therapist in the office, face to face.

As a community we are tired of screens, and screen time. Kids, and adults have had enough of zoom, and it’s equivalents. They want to see someone in-the-flesh, face to face, to see how they sit, move their hands, and shift their bodies. And they want to be seen, to be truly seen. Research has shown that the nuances of communicating in person cannot be replicated via a digital medium, such as zoom. Yes, Zoom has been awesome in many many ways, but it fails to offer the same experiences of being seen, heard, and understood, as face to face communication.

Thank you for voting for us. It is our honor, and our privilege, to walk with you on your journey. I don’t say that lightly, it is truly an honor to share your journey, to hear your stories, to be with you in the painful times, as well as the times of joy and victories. I have learnt so much of life, love, endurance and human fortitude being with you. You make life more wonderful and beautiful every moment of every day because you live, hope, dream and keep on living.

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