Trish McLean

Trish McLean

My own personal struggles with trauma, mental illness and relationship breakdowns, brought me on a journey toward health and wellness and doing what I’m doing today; helping others on their own journey.

I have worked in the healthcare field for more than 25 years. First, as a registered nurse and then as a counsellor and psychotherapist. I have counselled in schools, churches and crisis centers, before starting my own private practice. I have a PhD in Theology at Edinburgh University in Scotland and have worked all over the world including in India, Uganda, the United Kingdom and, now, in Canada.

I have experienced separation, loss and death; made as many bad decisions as good, and enjoyed many of the joys as well as sorrows of life. Because of my own experience with pain and suffering, I have the capacity to extend empathy and compassion to my clients. I can understand the emotions you’re going through, because I’ve gone through something similar. While everyone’s experience of life is so incredibly unique, my “big-life” experience may just give me a small window into what it is you are going through.

I believe healing occurs in the context of relationships. In psychotherapy, we create unique therapeutic relationships between professionals and clients that allow healing to take place. With our compassion and empathy as well as our professional training and experience, we can help you transform pain and darkness to healing and hope.



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