Tiffany Chinapen

Tiffany Chinapen

My approach and understanding of art therapy comes from combining two disciplines: art and psychology. From my personal experience, I find using lines, colours, shapes, and symbolic imagery to create something as a helpful way to make sense of feelings I find hard to talk about or sometimes don’t quite understand. Making art allows me to access those hard parts of my inner experience, identify them and then communicate them at my own pace and from my own perspective. For this reason, I found myself fascinated by the therapeutic benefits of using art as a means to encourage self-exploration and self-understanding.

To specialize in the relationship between art and psychology and its therapeutic benefits, I pursued a B.A. in Psychology from Wilfrid Laurier University. With this training, I’ve come to approach understanding a person from an individual perspective as well as within a social and cultural context. Afterward, I took fine art classes at the Toronto School of Art; where I refined my art skills and learned how to formally work with different mediums. I work with collage, drawing, paint, and mixed media; I also write poetry. Finally, I pursued an MSc in Art Psychotherapy, at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh, where I learned more about theory and linked it with practice. I have experience in working with individuals and in group settings, from various professional environments, including schools, hospitals, and non-profit organizations. I have worked in Canada, Denmark, and the United Kingdom. People of all ages can benefit from art therapy and previous art experience is not necessary. I have worked with children from the age of 6 and above, as well as young adults from the age of 16.

As an art therapist, I value creating a space where you can be yourself without judgment. I approach all of my clients with openness, curiosity, and empathy. I believe that we all have different life stories and that a person is as unique as the art they create. We will use art in the client-therapist relationship to feel, be seen and heard. I hope to be there as you come to understand your complexities and nurture your existence as you define it.

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