Margo Small MSW,RSW has 30+ years of experience as a clinical social worker providing individual, family and group counselling to adults of all ages, teens and families in a pediatric hospital and private practice setting.

My clients have experienced a range of personal issues related to physical and/or mental health such as adjustment to illness, anxiety/depression, compulsive thoughts, and eating disorders to name a few. My work has also focused on helping clients with functioning in daily life and interpersonal relationships.

I draw from various modalities including emotion focused therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, family systems, mindfulness and body/mind approaches using body awareness and movement. It is very important to me to individualize my approach according to the client’s needs, desires and goals and the foundation of my work lies in creating a safe, compassionate ,confidential ,and relational space in the therapeutic setting.

Aside from honing my skills over the years to help others , I’ve had had my own share of personal challenges which I believe has also contributed to my ability to understand, empathize and provide the appropriate support .With my guidance we can work together to alleviate distress by looking at factors that interfere with the achievement of you goals while capitalizing on your strengths.

It is not unusual for us to get stuck in our personal issues and repeat negative patterns that don’t serve us. With my help as a therapist I can provide a listening ear as well as the means for you to find creative solutions to your challenges.

If you think you are interested in meeting with me I am available at the Brampton office on Thursdays from 4-8pm. I look forward to hearing from you and am happy to have a brief conversation with you beforehand.

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