Delanie Sanginesi

Delanie Sanginesi

Is your story keeping you stuck?

Often, what gets in the way of having a meaningful, fulfilling life can be unresolved internal barriers which we might not even be aware of. Relational psychotherapy provides a place where we can explore these patterns, beliefs and narratives, begin to author a new story, foster new awareness and equip ourselves with a new set of tools. Ultimately, psychotherapy creates a space for the transformation we are yearning for.

Using a number of integrative approaches, I help clients move closer to their purpose and potential – freeing them from unhelpful narratives and behaviours. With over 15 years experience in education and counselling, I use a warm, client-centred approach which allows us to explore the root causes of your problems – not just the symptoms. I provide clients with a safe, non pathologizing space where we can take a comprehensive look at the ecology of their lives – both current and past – to unearth the origins of patterns in thought, behaviour and emotions.

My primary theoretical orientation is relational psychodynamic therapy whereby we use the therapeutic relationship as a container to work through the presenting issues. However, care provision is generally informed by the individual needs and preferences of the client and can differ based on the circumstances. I consider my approach to be quite integrative as I tend to weave in elements or Emotionally Focused Therapy, Internal Family System (parts work), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and am currently training in Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy.

I offer individual, couple and family therapy for a number of areas including codependency issues, relational and attachment trauma, PTSD, maternal care, ADHD, relationship difficulties, adult learning disabilities and more.

I hold Bachelor’s degrees in both Psychology and Education, a Master’s degree in Education with a focus on parent advocacy in special education, as well as a Masters degree in Counselling Psychology. My aim is to help you move beyond what’s keeping you stuck by getting to the root of the issue — bringing you closer to personal fulfilment and lasting change.


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