Splatter and Paint

Splatter and Paint

Everyone from very young, to very old, is at home, in the, often limited, space, all day, and every day. Dads and Moms are negotiating working from home, caring for kids who are usually in daycare, or school, and putting on the teachers-hat, and stepping up to the plate as teacher, as well as parent, bread-winner, and partner. I have spoken to many clients who are juggling two demanding careers, and very young children. They take turns working, and tag on and off, mom has her meeting, and dad is teacher, then they swap and dad does his work, while mom is teacher. It is no surprise that you are struggling.

Splatter and Paint, is designed to be fun, engaging and accessible for all the family. You don’t need tons of art supplies, and you certainly don’t need to be good at art. Our art therapists will engage, entertain, and provide a much-needed mental health break for the whole family.

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