Our Values

Our Values


Dedication is a commitment to our company, our company values, our team, and most importantly to our clients. As a team we are dedicated and committed to our clients, to serve our clients, to continue to work with them and for them, to believe in them, to fight for them, to never give up. We always believe that our clients are doing their best, and that our clients are always intentional and committed to being well.


Humility is an attitude. An attitude we demonstrate with one another and with our clients. We do not serve from above, as those who come from a place of privilege, perfection and prior knowledge, but from within as fellow travelers on the journey of life. We approach our clients with respect for the courage shown by our clients, with compassion for the difficulties they have faced, and with great esteem for their perseverance and resiliency in the face of adversity.


Integrity is the quality of having strong ethical and moral principles and following them at all times. We choose to serve with integrity, to act with honesty, honor and truthfulness. We will tell the truth, stand by what we have said, and continue to work toward the best outcomes possible for our clients.


Hope is an expectation of positive outcomes, a belief that despite the difficulties of our clients have and are still experiencing we can support, encourage, and work toward a better future for all.


Justice is an action, we work for justice, for our clients, for those who have experienced stigmatization due to mental illness, inequitable access to health care, inadequate mental health services, whether triggered by poverty, race, gender, or sexuality.


Excellence is the standard we esteem to. As a team we are always striving to be the very best, to commit ourselves to learning, understanding and growing in our roles as therapists, and in our service as members of our communities. We will never be satisfied with mediocre, but will work hard to be excellent, highly skilled, and highly effective therapeutic practitioners.

Our Promise: Inspiring Hope, Transforming Lives

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