Let’s Hang Out

Let’s Hang Out

Let’s Hang Out, offers a virtual hang out for teens during the COVID 19 crisis. It is run by Trish McLean, and provides a space where teens can talk about the current health crisis, and how it is impacting them. With over 50% of teens reporting symptoms of anxiety and depression in relative ‘normal’ times, there is no doubt that those numbers are much higher during this time of unprecedented uncertainty and social upheaval triggered by the pandemic.

Teens are impacted by the social distancing measures in unique ways:

  • Teens are inherently social – teens need teens, and although teens are invariably fluent in engaging with their peers on line, the absence of human to human interaction is met with dismay and despair. For many, their main emotional support system revolves around their peer relationships, and when that is restricted, such as with current social distancing measures, they may find themselves lacking the emotional support they so desperately need at this time.
  • Teens frequently experience tension with other members of their immediate family. The so-called teen years are a period of significant personal growth, during which kids, transition from kids-who-adore, and mostly-obey their parents, to adults who know their own minds, and can make decisions independent of their parents. During the transition period there is a lot of push and pull as both teens and parents work out how they are going to negotiate the teens growing independence. All that is thrown into overdrive when you stick them all in the house and lock the door! 
  • Teens are facing unique challenges related to completing their academic education. Everyone is critically challenged by this current crisis, and teens have their own unique challenges. They have courses to pass, some are struggling to get through to the next academic year, and need good grades to do that. Some are waiting to hear back from colleges/universities, and need certain grades to gain acceptance to the school they are interested in. Their teachers are being asked to teach-online for the first time, and many of those teachers have their own children and families to care for. That leaves a lot of learners without the support they need to thrive.
  • Teens are missing out on key social events, such as prom, graduation, and the end of their school year, or even their school career. We all know and many remember the critical importance of the high school social calendar. For some, that time is traumatic, scary, hugely anxiety provoking, and they are glad to know that some of the social events won’t be happening. But for most, the high school social calendar represents key social events in their rite of passage toward adulthood. For them, the cancellation of prom, and graduation, among other events is a big loss.

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