COVID-19 and Anxiety

COVID-19 and Anxiety

As we follow the constantly evolving news on the novel coronavirus, it’s normal to experience intense anxiety, stress, and heightened states of worry. Practicing social distancing, as has been recommended, may help reduce virus transmission, but can also be a recipe for exacerbating anxiety. For those who have never suffered from anxiety, these new feelings may all be very frightening and overwhelming, and those with pre-existing anxiety or other mental health conditions may find the current climate even more of a strain on their overall wellbeing.

There are many excellent psychotherapists available in Caledon, that can be reached by phone, and through online counseling sessions. However, a number of free resources are also available in the interim that may help you simply to feel better:

  1. has a number of tips and exercises to choose from, whether you’re looking for mindfulness exercises to reduce stress and anxiety, tools to enhance your gratitude (a great exercise during these uncertain times), or strategies for better sleep. There are even free stories and talks to help remind you that we are not alone in our struggles.
  1. The Toronto Star has compiled a handy list of tips to help calm anxiety during this time. 
  1.’s title may sound too good to be true, but it contains a number of resources specifically geared towards improved mental health. It also provides a number of stories and tools that will provide a welcome distraction and mental stimulation while self-isolating!

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