As parents, we all know that our kids are growing up in a world very different to our own. While some kids bound through life with an abundance of energy and optimism, others may find things more difficult. Just like adults, kids are all unique, with a wide range of experiences and dispositions. Genetics, personality and temperament all play a role in shaping how we move through life and its various challenges. Younger children, and adolescents in particular, can experience symptoms of anxiety, depression and behavioural difficulties and struggle to build or sustain good friendships and healthy communication. Without a solid understanding of what our children are going through and an arsenal of skills to open healthy lines of communication, the temptation might be to blame ourselves as parents, or even the child themselves.

We at The Story Isn’t Over know that it can be difficult as parents to know when, where and how to ask for help, and how to establish a common framework based in mutual understanding and agreement. Our family therapists can help address and allay your concerns and discuss the best approach to supporting your child and entire family. Our Brampton office also offers Art Psychotherapy, a unique modality that has proven highly effective in helping kids process what is troubling them and set them up for future success. Early intervention can go a long way to ensuring a good outcome – even if it is simply you and your partner sitting down with your family doctor to talk about what is happening at home. You can do this – we are here for you.

If you have a child or children who are struggling in the classroom, or at home, please call us, we are here to support you and your family today. Call for a free consult.

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