How to deal with money issues in a romantic relationship

Couples Counselling

How to deal with money issues in a romantic relationship

According to the Love and Money Report, 60% of couples are having trouble meeting their financial goals and less than half found it easy to talk about their finances during the pandemic.  Working on understanding and communication is key to working through money issues and saving a relationship that is under stress. Money issues which are not dealt with can...[ read more ]

Coping with the mental health effects of financial stress

Financial stress is a common source of tension for individuals, couples & families at the moment. It is a topic which comes up regularly at the clinic during couples counselling & individual therapy, and we have noticed that it is coming up more and more as interest rates have soared, the cost of living has increased, and repayments on credit...[ read more ]

How To Co-Parent Your Kids After a Divorce: 6 Survival Tips For Divorcing Parents

Divorce is brutal. It is a death without a dead body. It is the killer of dreams, slaughter of intimacy, the torture of children and the dismantling of a safe intimate community, the womb where children laugh, learn and grow. And yet, despite marrying with all the very best of intentions, so many of us walk down the long open...[ read more ]

Is Alcohol Making Me Angry?

Getting drunk and drinking way too much, is culturally acceptable. For every individual drinker, there is a group of drinkers, who make the drinker think that everyone else drinks that way. Alcohol and anger, go hand-in-hand. Where there is alcohol, there is a loosening of restraint and inhibitions, and with that comes an ease in expressing hot emotions. Some people...[ read more ]

Why Do I Get So Angry?

anger management therapy image of fist

There’s a little boy. He’s not much more than 2, or 3-years-old. He’s sitting on the floor playing with his trucks. He has a favorite; it’s blue, bright blue, like kids’ toys often are. He fills the truck with small items, to ferry to, and from, the sofa to the shelf. He’s caught up in his imagination, focused on the...[ read more ]

How Do I Stop Being So Angry?

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If you google, ‘how to stop being so angry,’ you will find numerous blogs with a list of to-dos to help you control your anger. What makes this blog different is that it helps you to work out what is going on deep down inside you. It isn’t so much about practical tips, such as walking away, and breathing, you...[ read more ]