What is the Mind Body Connection & How Can Understanding It Help Us to Heal?

The mind-body connection is a concept which has developed in Western Modern Psychology since the 1800s. It refers to the relationship between how we think, how we feel and our physical health. It also states that this relationship does not just go one way. The mind influences the body and the body influences the mind. Eastern medicine has understood this...[ read more ]

Technology take over? Internet Addiction & Mental Health (The Top Facts)

In this article we are looking at Internet Addiction and Mental Health. The opinion is still divided about whether internet addiction should be treated as a disorder or a behavioural problem. In this article, we are going to refer to it as Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD).  Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD), is a problem which is normally associated with teenagers however...[ read more ]

Male mental health spotlight ; let’s talk about anxiety in men

male anxiety

Anxiety is one of the most common mental health conditions. It is reported that 3 million Canadians suffer from a mood and/or Anxiety disorder. 1.  Unfortunately, there is a gender gap in the number of men and women who seek help for anxiety disorder. Some research suggests this is because women are under more stress. However, the overarching research is...[ read more ]

How to deal with money issues in a romantic relationship

According to the Love and Money Report, 60% of couples are having trouble meeting their financial goals and less than half found it easy to talk about their finances during the pandemic.  Working on understanding and communication is key to working through money issues and saving a relationship that is under stress. Money issues which are not dealt with can...[ read more ]

Coping with the mental health effects of financial stress

Financial stress is a common source of tension for individuals, couples & families at the moment. It is a topic which comes up regularly at the clinic during couples counselling & individual therapy, and we have noticed that it is coming up more and more as interest rates have soared, the cost of living has increased, and repayments on credit...[ read more ]

One Year Into The Pandemic

One year into the pandemic, and nothing is back to normal. We are still in lockdown, waiting on a daily tally of positive cases, and deaths. While our health care system is stretched to breaking point, the pandemic has had a devastating impact on our mental health. The number of people seeking help for anxiety has skyrocketed, prescriptions for anti-depressants...[ read more ]

How Can We Celebrate Christmas with COVID in 2020?

You have thrown out the pumpkins and the moms, and are putting up the lights and shopping for stocking fillings. Despite 18 years in Canada, I find I still struggle to keep up with the rapid shifts in seasons and expectations of new colourful delights that appear and disappear on our doorsteps. I take my cue from my neighbours; mom’s...[ read more ]

How To Co-Parent Your Kids After a Divorce: 6 Survival Tips For Divorcing Parents

Divorce is brutal. It is a death without a dead body. It is the killer of dreams, slaughter of intimacy, the torture of children and the dismantling of a safe intimate community, the womb where children laugh, learn and grow. And yet, despite marrying with all the very best of intentions, so many of us walk down the long open...[ read more ]

Bubble Trouble: Who’s In Your Bubble, Who’s Out, and What About Thanksgiving?

My Mom is 85 years old. She lives on the Southeast Coast of the UK, England. I think she believes she is immune from the coronavirus. She wants to do her own shopping. She wants to have lunch with her close friends. A couple of weeks ago she went to a funeral, indoors, a friend-of-a-friend. Yesterday she told me that...[ read more ]

The Top Six Benefits of Group Therapy

Psychotherapy, therapy or counselling has become more and more acceptable, with old and young flocking to find a therapist of choice, in much the same way that people log in online and look for a local family doctor taking new clients. We all want our own person to talk to, to work through the difficulties we have faced in the...[ read more ]

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