3 Things We Can Be Sure Of

We are now at the end of the third week of ‘social distancing,’ and the closing down of all non-essential businesses and services. Our thoughts and best wishes are with all of you, as you face the challenges of living moment by moment through this crisis, living in close proximity with your family – with no escapes, and no child-care,...[ read more ]

How to Cope with Coronavirus Stress

It is natural to feel anxious and worried about the Coronavirus as the world has not seen a pandemic like this in centuries. However, taking care of your mental health is equally important and here are a few quick tips to cope with Coronavirus stress: Acknowledge your feelings: The first step to cope with Coronavirus stress is regain control by...[ read more ]

5 Foods to Keep Your Immune System Strong

As the events of COVID-19 continue to unfold, many of us are focusing on how we can keep ourselves and our families as healthy as possible. While social distancing and increased hand washing can be very effective at stopping the spreading of the Corona virus, it is equally important to keep our immune systems strong.With this in mind, here are...[ read more ]


As we follow the constantly evolving news on the novel coronavirus, it’s normal to experience intense anxiety, stress and heightened states of worry. Practicing social distancing, as has been recommended, may help reduce virus transmission, but can also be a recipe for exacerbating anxiety. For those who have never suffered from anxiety, these new feelings may all be very frightening...[ read more ]

Four Virtual Therapy Myths Debunked

In this digital age, we have easy access to just about anything we want from the comfort of our homes.  With the recent emergence of the need to practice social distancing, and the ongoing move to close down all non-essential work, business and social engagements, technology is our new best friend. We can order groceries, connect with friends and family, and...[ read more ]

What to Expect in Your First Therapy Session

Expect to feel doubt or an awareness of stigma. You might feel conscious of stigma around those needing help for mental health conditions, but keep in mind just how common these are: The Canadian Mental Health Association ( reports that one in five Canadians will experience a mental health problem or issue each year. And you've already taken a huge...[ read more ]

5 Reasons To See a Therapist Now

If you're experiencing a mental health issue—whether depression, anxiety, stress or relationship problems, addiction issues or anything else—the sooner you seek help, the sooner you can feel better. The Canadian Mental Health Association ( reports that one in five Canadians will experience a mental health problem or issue each year. Approximately 8% of Canadians will experience major depression in their...[ read more ]

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