The Story Isn’t Over is a unique group of health care providers who have come together with a shared vision to meet the needs of individuals, couples and families struggling to cope with what life has thrown at them; whether it is the discovery of an affair, chronic mental health challenges, or a new diagnosis. We believe that, whatever the intensity and bleakness of any given moment, there is always hope.

We offer more than just simple one-on-one counselling and psychotherapy services, striving instead to create a nurturing community of professionals to meet the needs of the whole family. Whether this means a speedy referral to a psychiatrist or other healthcare professional, or simply providing a supportive group for a teen struggling with a mental health diagnosis, we provide a holistic approach to personal wellness.

The Story Isn’t Over was founded by Trish McLean and is the result of her personal struggles with her own mental wellness, and the added challenges of caring for a family member suffering with their own significant mental health issues. It is the product of first-hand awareness of the immense impact that mental health has on our entire lives – from relationships with partners and our kids, to friends, and even our work life. The Story Isn’t Over grew out of a chronic battle to access appropriate services, be it a psychiatrist to clarify a diagnosis and manage medications, or finding specialized psychotherapists to provide urgent, quality care, or simply connecting with others who can relate to what we are going through.

Our vision is to offer hope to those who have long since lost it – hope that things can and will get better, that they or their loved ones can and will be well again, and that broken relationships can be restored. Our logo is the semi-colon (;). It symbolizes the choice to keep living and to thrive even in the face of mental health struggles. For many, it has become a symbol of hope; a fierce declaration that the difficulties we face are not the end, but merely promising new beginning. It’s not just a semi-colon; it’s hope, it’s inspiration, it’s who we are.

We will help you discover a light in the darkness. It may start out as only a dim flicker, but together we will nurture it into a guiding beacon that opens up new paths both within and for you.

Let us accompany you on your journey, whatever it may be! Whether you are a couple trying to rekindle your relationship, a teen struggling with anxiety, an individual, or simply a concerned family member of someone else who may be suffering from emotional pain, it would be our privilege to co-navigate and help tackle any obstacles head on.

Check out our team, read about their own journeys, training and personal experience, and give us a call. If you feel unsure about who to talk to, we’ll gladly help you find a good fit, even if it takes a couple tries. Our dedicated and highly trained staff will gladly answer any questions during regular office hours, and should they not be immediately available, will promptly respond to all messages.

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